Web Design, Development & Online Based Solutions in Tamworth and Upper Hunter

LARE Designs offers website design and logo design in the Upper Hunter region and also offers web design services to Tamworth. If you are looking to launch an online presence in the Upper Hunter or Tamworth area then LARE Designs has services that will meet your needs.

Website design and marketing go hand in hand in todays world of business, it is important for any business that wants to meet customers in every possible market to take advantage of the internet and the advantages and tools that it can offer. LARE Designs is committed to helping our customers meet their market and reach all of their goals when it comes to having an online presence. We can work with you from any stage in your digital marketing journey.

Our services are not only available to businesses , if you have a social group, club or hobby that you would like to launch into the online world then we can help you achieve your goals there too. The best part about our services is that we tailor the design and content to suit what you need it to be.


If you are looking to complete business with your customers on your site from start to finish, then LARE Designs is able to design an E-Commerce website that will make transacting with your customers easy. By using E-Commerce on your website your company is able to deal with customers across a much larger geographical area at any time of the day and your staff will have more free time to focus on other areas of the business.

Articles & Content

One of the hardest parts about beginning to create an online presence isnt always the website design sometimes it is producing content for your target audience that will suit the website. While designing and implementing your website, LARE Designs can create content for you on a regular basis to keep your website up to date or do a one off article that will serve as a great piece of information for visitors to your website.

Email Marketing

Marketing on a website is just one tool to expand online presence. Another very important element needed for reaching more people online is done through email marketing. LARE Designs can make the job of contacting all of your customers (or future customers), easy and simple as working out with us what you would like to send to all of your customers. We can make the digital marketing campaign you want to start happen.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a fantastic website is one thing, but if you want to start reaching people that are searching for services that you offer then you will have to start a search engine optimisation campaign that will get your website found on the search engines. LARE Designs can offer search engine optimisation packages that will raise your websites ranking in the search engines.

Local Service

Having email and phone support is a great service that we offer but at LARE Designs we feel that a personal touch will make the experience of building and maintaining a website easier. If your business is in Tamworth, Scone or Muswellbrook (and any areas inbetween) then to make sure that everything begins ont the right path while we design your website, LARE Designs can come out to see you in person and show you plans and options in person to get that initial planning phase well underway.